Our Mission:  The Mid-Sun Community Association strives to enhance the quality of life of the communities of Midnapore and Sundance in southeast Calgary by providing a voice, as well as direction, to meet the expressed needs of residents.

Our History:  The Mid-Sun Community Association was founded in 1977, and serves the 18,000+ people residing in the communities of Midnapore and Sundance, as well as other residents of south Calgary.  The current facility was built in 1987 with interior and exterior upgrades completed between 2015 – 2019.  MSCA is a founding member of the South Fish Creek Recreation Complex, and a member of the Trico Centre.  Representatives from the MSCA sit on the governing boards of both of those organizations.

MSCA strives to offer accessible recreational programming, and a venue for fostering community spirit.  The success of the Community Association is due to the efforts of a great many volunteers, and residents who support the association. Thank you for your continued support and participation!

Our Vision Statement:  The Mid-Sun Community Association strives to create a spirit of belonging and cooperation for everyone in our two communities, by both the dedication of the association volunteers and staff, as well as through the use of innovative, flexible resources.

Our Values: 

Responsible & Accountable:  We work together to be responsible and accountable to our residents, stakeholders, and to one another.

Teamwork:  We work together to support our stakeholders, and to address community concerns.

Inclusive:  We’re a community that supports fairness, and strives to be accessible to all residents of Midnapore and Sundance.

Family/Community Oriented:  We’re a community that’s always looking out for one another. Families are an integral part of the Mid-Sun Community Association.

Volunteer/Service Focused:  In keeping with the spirit of the community we’re volunteer-directed, and put our residents’ needs first.

Respect:  We celebrate individuality within our two communities while striving to maintain a mutual understanding and acceptance of one another.

Dedication:  We’re committed to the well-being of our communities, and the people who live in them.

Committees you can get involved with:

  • Garden Committee
  • Playground Committee
  • Fundraising Committee (Casinos)
  • Traffic Committee
  • Seniors Committee
  • Community Events Committee
  • Operations Committee
  • Board Positions