Drop-in pickleball has been postponed until further notice. All 8 sessions of our registered pickleball lessons are full so please consider joining the waitlist for any lessons  that you are interested in.  UPDATE: 1 spot is available in Intermediate at 1pm starting Thursday November 5. 

For additional information please call 403 254 8058 or email Caroline at programs@midsun.org


Enhance your game in a fun and socially distanced environment with Kevin Doucet, who is a level 5.0 player with 3 national titles, and Val Calon who is a level 4.0 player. 5 weeks of 1.5 hour lessons cost $75 (residents with a valid community membership receive a $10 discount). 3 courts, a ball machine, balls, and paddles (if needed) are provided. There is a maximum of 12 players in each set of lessons.

Lesson  details and registration can be found on our Registration Page 

All lessons are held at the Mid-Sun Community Centre located at 50 Midpark Rise SE

Beginner (level 0.5 – 1.5) Friday 12:15pm – 1:45pm  November 6 – December 4  FULL

Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm November 6 – December 4  FULL

  • Grip
  • Swing structure, forehand and backhand
  • Serving practice, rules, technique
  • Foundational game rules
  • Basic drop shots
  • Basic game tactics

Advancing Beginner (level 2.0)  Friday 12:15pm – 1:45pm  October 2 – 30   FULL

Thursday 9:30am – 11:00am  November 5 – December 3  FULL

  • Developing consistency
  • Introduction to third shot drops
  • Kitchen line play
  • Basic volley technique
  • Blocking volleys
  • Improving foot movement
  • Overhead and lobs

Intermediate (level 2.5) Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm October 2 – 30   FULL

Thursday 11:15am – 12:45pm November 5 – December 3  FULL

Thursday 11:15am – 12:45pm November 5 – December 3  with Val Calon  FULL

Thursday 1:00pm – 2:30pm November 5 – December 3 with Val Calon  1 spot available.

  • Shot consistency (overheads, blocking volleys, service returns)
  • Intermediate level tactics
  • Positioning in combination with your partner
  • Foot movement
  • Ready positioning
  • Condition games are used towards the end of class time to reinforce your technique changes.

Intermediate Plus (level 3.0+) Friday 10:30am – 12:00pm November 6 – December 4  CANCELLED and replaced with BEGINNER which is FULL

  • Advanced serving techniques.
  • Attacking volleys
  • Third shot drops
  • Advanced kitchen play
  • Eliminating errors
  • Game tactics
  • Condition games are used towards the end of class time to reinforce the technique changes.

Please contact Caroline at programs@midsun.org for further information.

Mid-Sun is an inclusive facility where all skill levels are welcome. Each of our 6 courts include a skill level rating to encourage great games and progression of skills. We have a Beginner Court where you can meet, learn and have fun games with other Beginners. On busier days we offer rally point scoring on 3 courts to speed up play. 9 paddles are available to borrow if you are new or forget yours. Head out for coffee with everyone after the games!

Drop-In Schedule

Friday morning and weekend drop-in pickleball has been postponed until further notice.

    • 6 courts available
    • 1 Beginner court
    • 8 paddles are available to borrow
    • Balls are provided
    • All levels welcome


    • $10.00 for a 5 visit value pass
    • $20.00 for an 11 visit value pass
    • $5 for a single drop-in (no coins – debit/credit/paper bills only)

Pickleball Resources

The Calgary Pickleball Club is a solid  resource for everything Pickleball in Calgary. Click HERE to visit their website.

Play Pickleball is a valuable online learning resource; check it out by clicking the link or by visiting www.playpickleball.com

The International Federation of Pickleball skill level scale is a great resource to determine what category your current skills are rated as.


On September 7, 2019 a one-time pickleball drop-in  increased to $5.00.  5 and 11 visit value passes are available and  do not expire and are transferable.  This change is being made due to our coinless payment system.  We will be accepting payment via Debit, Credit, and Paper Bills only.

Starting September 1, 2019 Mid-Sun Community Association  will no longer be accepting coins as a form of payment.  Due to the small intake of loose coin, we need to collect an entire roll before we can make a bank deposit. Our financial reports and our deposits have not been complementing one another, causing irregularities during our annual audit.

Thank you for your understanding.