Pickleball Lessons and Drop-In

UPDATE: August 22nd, 2023

Pre-Reg Pickleball is going to make its return on Tuesday Sep 12th! We are going to hold off on Sunday pickleball until mid October however the two weekdays timeslots will be in action as per usual. 

Pre-Reg Pickleball  (Free to Register/$5.00 fee upon entry)

Membership purchase is not required for Pre-Reg Pickleball play. Our memberships are voluntary for those who wish to support our Community Centre and receive discounts with our weekly programs and with local community businesses!

Pre-Paid Pickleball Passes are available for purchase in-person.                                        $50.00/10 Visits (+1 Free Visit on us!)

Tuesday,  10:00 am – 12:30 pm from Sep 12 – Dec 19.

Friday,  10:30 am – 1:00 pm from Sep 15 – Dec 15.

Sunday,  11:30 am – 2:00 pm from Oct 22 – Dec 17.

Pre-registration is required for all Pickleball sessions at Mid-Sun Community Centre and the quick link buttons above will provide you with all the information you need to create an account, register and become familiar with court etiquette. Players of all different skill levels are welcome! We are an all inclusive site, be sure to play a few games, make some friends and most of all have fun!

If you are unable to attend a Drop-in Pickleball session that you have registered for please withdraw and make the spot available for another player, and avoid getting a no-show. Remember, two no-shows mean your online privileges will be suspended. To withdraw you can call the Centre at 403 254 8058 extension 221.

There is now a Waiting List. In the event the Program is full and a registrant decides to withdraw, the staff team will proceed with waitlist participants in the order of their enrollment.

Pickleball Lessons

Enhance your game in a fun and social environment with amazing instructors! . There is a maximum of 12 players in each set of lessons and all lessons are held at the Mid-Sun Community Centre located at 50 Midpark Rise SE. A waiting list is available if your lesson choice is currently full and there are always players gaining access to lessons from the list.

Residents of Midnapore and Sundance with a valid Mid-Sun Community Centre membership receive a $10 discount for pickleball lessons, so please consider supporting our community with an annual membership.



Pickleball Resources

The Calgary Pickleball Club is a solid  resource for everything Pickleball in Calgary. Click HERE to visit their website. Play Pickleball is a valuable online learning resource; check it out by clicking the link or by visiting www.playpickleball.com.