What is a Community Association?

Community Associations are usually registered societies that have a general mission to improve neighborhood life within a specific geographic region. While each Community Association is different in what they offer or how they operate, they share a common mandate to provide programs, services and communications to their residents that will improve the quality of life.

The Mid-Sun Community Association is designed to enhance the quality of life for residents of Midnapore and Sundance.  We have paid staff who help maintain, operate, and offer services through the Community Centre itself and we have a volunteer Board of Directors.

The Community Association Board is made up of volunteers from our communities and acts as a liaison between residents, the City of Calgary, community stakeholders, and various levels of government, as well as being directly involved with community events, our community garden, and other special project initiatives and/or concerns in Midnapore and Sundance.

The Mid-Sun Community Association specifically aims to build a sense of community by:

  • Giving residents a voice
  • Creating a feeling of shared community
  • Acting as a resource for information
  • Offering recreational and creative programming for youth, adult, and 50+ active living
  • Offering an Out of School Care Program for children in kindergarten to Grade 6 attending local schools in the community (St. Teresa & Midnapore School)
  • Finding ways to create an inclusive environment
  • Looking to community resources, the City and others for collaborations and partnerships
  • Engaging people in community planning and municipal decisions
  • Creating partnerships with local businesses
  • Promoting safe communities through sharing of information and resident engagement
  • Responding to issues that affect community life
  • Building and supporting amenities and facilities that create places for citizen activity and socialization

What is the difference between Community Association and Residents Association?

Residents Association

Residential developers plan and create new communities with additional amenities such as green spaces, parks, tree lined boulevards, and much more.  These communities are turned over to the City of Calgary from the developers once residents start to move in.  There are some improvements in these communities that the City of Calgary does not recognize and maintain, including optional amenities like water fountains, gazebos, and park features.

Residents Associations were put in place to operate, maintain and manage these amenities by utilizing the revenue from residents fees.  Membership in the residents association is compulsory and the annual fee is collected by the residents association through a caveat on title.  Follow the links below to view your Residents Associations website!

Midnapore Lake Residents Association 

Sundance Lake Residents Association