Garden Committee

The Mid-Sun Community Association office is closed until further notice due to COVID-19

This web page, and the various Community Garden documents it links, contains references to the office.  Please disregard all references to visiting, phoning, and delivering forms while this notice is displayed.

You can continue to email the office at or the Garden Committee at


New gardeners will be able to register (online only) to rent a garden plot from April 01, 2020 – May 9, 2020.

There will be two options when renting a plot:

  1. Garden Plot 2020 – Current Member – New Gardener:  For anyone with a valid 2019/2020 Community Association Membership (regardless of residency)
  2. Garden Plot 2020 – NonMember – New Gardener:  For anyone who does not have a current 2019/2020 Community Association Membership (regardless of residency)

These registrations are not based on whether you are a resident of Midnapore/Sundance.  They only differ in whether or not you have a valid membership with the association.  If you are a resident of Midnapore or Sundance but do not have a current Community Association Membership you must register as a ‘NonMember – New Gardener’.  When the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the Community Association office re-opens, your registration will be updated to ‘Current Member – New Gardener’. 




Who We Are

The Mid-Sun Community Garden was founded in May 2009. A group of interested and enthusiastic Mid-Sun residents banded together to help build thirty 4′ x 8′ raised beds in the grassy area on the north side of the community centre.

In 2010, twenty more beds were added, as well as several perimeter fruit trees, Saskatoon bushes, and other landscaping considerations. There are now 62 garden beds and an ever expanding group of over 50 enthusiastic gardeners.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email the garden committee at:

You can also visit our Facebook page:

Community Garden Motto

“We work together – grow together – learn together.”

  • The Community Garden is a great asset of the Community Association to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families.
  • The Garden creates a spirit of belonging and cooperation as we:
    • Volunteer for Committee roles and general Work Bees to enhance of the Garden area and its features.
    • Prepare the garden for each season
    • Share gardening tips to enhance plant choices and productivity
  • We celebrate individuality and Inclusiveness with gardeners of all ages, including children from Mid-Sun Day Care and Summer Camps.

Communication Among Mid-Sun Gardeners

  • Timely notices of garden events, committee communications, and messages from the Garden Leadership Committee are distributed via email through Gardeners can communicate with the Garden Leadership Committee through this email address.
  • Monthly articles are published in the Mid-Sun Messages, the Mid-Sun Community Association newsletter which is delivered via mail.

Garden Events

You can find current garden events under our Mid-Sun Community Events page!

Re-Tree YYC

The Parks department is launching a new tree planting initiative targeting 25 communities each year over the next three years.  These communities where chosen based on many factors, the main ones being storm damage, open canopy space and community interest.  This will be replacing the current NeighbourWoods program.  The plan is to ‘blitz’ communities by planting trees and providing the community with education activities.

How is this different from NeighbourWoods?

This program will not be asking residents to register their property for a tree, the tree locations will be pre chosen by Urban Forestry.  If a tree location is on the back of walk of a property, that home owner will be notified a minimum of two weeks before the tree is planted.  This program will also be planting in locations where dead City trees have been removed, as well as replacing storm damaged trees.

Click here for more details: