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Registration for Fall programs started on Wednesday August 28, 2019

Fall 2019 Programs are listed in the August and September issues of Mid-Sun Messages.

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Highlighted Program of the Week:   Crochet for Total Beginners

Monday  September 9 – October 7    2:00pm-3:00pm    5 classes

Cost: $45 M $55 NM   includes a crochet hook and yarn for all projects      3 spots available

Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet? This is the class for you! We will learn how to chain, and how to single, half-double and double crochet. You will have lots of practice making small and easy projects starting with chains, then a wash cloth and progressing (if time permits) to an infinity scarf made of chain and double crochet stitches. Feel successful and supported with individual instruction from instructor Wendy. Join us for a fun and social hour of creativity!

Please share this information with family or friends who are crafty, like to meet new people, and enjoy learning.


Yoga Nidra for Autumn with Crystal Bowl Sound Bath  (Age 18+)

 Friday September 20 from 7:30pm – 9:00pm for $15    6 spots available

Discover an amazing way to chill out! The entire workshop is spent lying comfortably on a padded mat while being led through a guided relaxation for body, mind and spirit. You will intuitively create a Sankalpa, an intention formed by the heart and mind, to harness your will towards a personal goal. Michelle will create a restful atmosphere with the sounds of crystal bowls. The result is an amazing sense of calm, and a reduction of mental stress and physical tension. An absolutely delightful experience for self-care.


Acrylic Painting Workshop: Fall  Landscape (Age 14+)  

Saturday October 26  from   10:00am – 1:00pm    for $30 (member)  and  $35 (non-member)     

Painting Fall colours using acrylic paints is an exciting and inspiring project! This class is for everyone who would like to learn about, and improve, landscape-painting techniques. All levels are welcome, whether you have never painted, or have years of experience. Paint and brushes can be provided for $7, or bring your own supplies and an 8″X10″ canvas.


Acrylic Painting Workshop: Seascape (Age 14+)  

Saturday November  23  from   10:00am – 1:00pm    for $30 (member)  and  $35 (non-member) 

This workshop reinforces the fundamentals of acrylic painting: sketching, values, colour, and also focuses on making seascape paintings atmospheric. Discover many useful artistic and creative tricks and tips to handle the impressive movement of the sea. Previous acrylic painting experience is required.



Youth Painting Workshop: Panda (Age 7 – 18)   

Saturday October 5  from   10:00am – 12:00pm    for $30 (member)  and  $35 (non-member)    5 spots available

This is a super fun and adorable project that is incredibly creative and very enjoyable to paint! Personal attention, encouragement, and lots of creativity make this a great Saturday activity. Acrylic paint, brushes and a canvas are provided for each artist. You are welcome to bring your own supplies.


Youth Painting Workshop: Orca (Age 7 – 18)  

Saturday November 2  from   10:00am – 12:00pm    for $30 (member)  and  $35 (non-member)

Have tons of fun painting an Orca and splashy ocean water! This is a surprisingly easy project that is taught at the artist’s own personal level, allowing all artists to feel super successful. Let your creativity shine! Acrylic paint, brushes and a canvas are provided for each artist. You are welcome to bring your own supplies.



Youth Pumpkin Patch Craft (Age 7 – 14) 

Friday  October 25  from   7:00pm – 9:00pm    for $30 (member)  and  $35 (non-member)

This very creative workshop starts with building two pumpkins by gluing wood shapes together. You then get to be super creative and decorate them! Dots, swirls or stripes, decorate these awesome wooden pumpkins anyway you would like. This craft will make the perfect addition to your fall décor as they adorn your front steps or are set up in your house.

 Please Note:

7-9 years old: require a parent or guardian to help them.

10 -14 years old: parents or guardians are invited to help, but are not required.

There is no charge for the adult helper, but only one kit will be issued. If you would like to make a set as well then please register separately.

Creative Journaling for Self-Care and Inspiration

Friday  November 15 and  22 (2 classes)  from   7:00pm – 9:00pm    for $55 (member)  and  $60 (non-member)

Treat yourself to a guided visual creative journey. Experience how simple pen and paper helps disconnect from everyday life and connect to our inner wisdom and strength. You will receive an  inspiring hand drawn journal that contains inspiration and guidance on the left page, and the right page is blank for you to creatively explore and express yourself. Topics covered are Self-Care, Personal Skills, Creativity, Awareness, Healing, Negativity and Positivity. Learn the techniques of lettering, doodling, stencils, colour to encourage your personal reflection to flow.

Please note: A sample of the journal is available for viewing at the Mid-Sun Front Office. Additional copies of the journal are available from the instructor and online at

A Journey Through Sound and Mantra

Friday November 29 from 7:30pm – 9:00pm for $15  

Have you ever been touched by the music in a yoga class? Join Lindsay for an exploration into mantras (ancient poems) and learn the stories behind these songs and their purpose. Learn the purpose of a mala and learn how to use it to deepen you meditative and musical experience. Enjoy live music, amazing vocals and end your week feeling deeply relaxed and inspired! Padded mats, bolsters and blocks are available for your comfort, and the room will be pleasantly warm.

Unsure if a class is right for you or need further information?

Call (403) 254-8058 or email Caroline at

Mid-Sun Fall 2019 Programs and Workshops

Youth Programs      Creative Art Adult Yoga
  • Youth Badminton (age 8-13)
  • Youth Basketball (age 6-9)
  • Basketball for Girls (age 6-9)
  • Youth Dance Crew (age 7-10)
  • Youth Dodgeball (age 8-14)
  • Youth Acrylic Painting (age 6-10)
  • Youth Acrylic Painting (age 11-18)


  • Watercolour Painting – Beginner
  • Watercolour Painting – Intermediate
  • Watercolour Painting – Advanced
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Crochet for Total Beginners
  • Crochet for Advancing Beginners
  • Intermediate Crochet
  • Crafters Club (drop-in)


  • Relax and Recharge Yoga
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Yoga at Your Level
  • 50+ Yoga
  • 50+ Active Yoga
  • 50+ Gentle Chair Yoga



Adult Fitness 50+ Active Living  Workshops
  • Introduction to Belly Dance
  • Indoor Walking Club
  • Beginner Line Dance
  • Experienced Line Dance
  • Pickleball (drop-in)
  • Pilates for You
  • Worth the Weight
  • Worth the Weight: Getting Started
  • Weekend Worth the Weight


  • Crafters Club (drop-in)
  • 50+ Yoga
  • 50+ Gentle Chair Yoga
  • 50+ Seated Strength
  • 50+ Fit and Fabulous
  • 50+ Zumba Gold
  • Beginner Line Dance
  • Experienced Line Dance
  • Gentle Restorative Yoga
  • Indoor Walking Club
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Pickleball (drop-in)
  • Pilates for You
  • Worth the Weight – Getting Started
  • Yoga Nidra for Autumn (Fri Sept 20)
  • Youth Painting: Panda (Sat Oct 5)
  • Youth Pumpkin Craft (Fri Oct 25)
  • Adult Painting: Fall Landscape (Sat Oct 26)
  • Christmas Tree (Fri Nov 1)
  • Youth Painting: Orca (Sat Nov 2)
  • Creative Journaling for Self Care (Fri Nov 15, 22)
  • Family Christmas Crafts (Sat Nov 16)
  • Adult Painting: Seascapes (Sat Nov 23)
  • A Journey into  Sound and Mantra (Fri Nov 28)


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Requests to transfer or withdraw from a program will be accommodated for medical reasons only. Withdrawal from programs will be issued a full refund if they are accommodated by note from a medical professional. Withdrawal from programs before program registration closure date (2 weeks prior to program starting)  will be issued a refund or credit minus a $25 administration fee. Withdrawal from programs after program registration closure date will not receive a refund or credit.