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Welcome to Mid-Sun Summer Day Camps! We offer a wide-variety of summer camps for children aged 5-12 years old. Our energetic leaders will make sure you have a blast while staying active and meeting new friends! Join us for a summer filled with games, arts and crafts, field trips, lake days and much more!

Mid-Sun Summer Day Camps are a proud partner of Between Friends with their I.C.A.N! Program. 

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On behalf of everyone at Mid-Sun Summer Day Camps, we would like to thank you for an amazing summer! As another summer comes to a close, we would love to hear your feedback as to continue to allow us to grow and improve our programming. Please click here to complete our online feedback form!

Summer 2018 information and programming will be available in February 2018.


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Ages 5-12

$210 per week/ $230 for a sleepover week (week 4 & week 7)/ $175 for short week (week 6)

Week 1: (July 3-7) – Telus Spark Science Centre

Week 2: (July 10-14) – Military Museum

Week 3: (July 17-21) – Calgary Zoo

Week 4: (July 24-28) – Sleepover & Lloyds Roller Rink – $230

Week 5: (July 31-August 4) – Calgary Corn Maze

Week 6: (August 8-11) – Heritage Park – $175
*No camp Monday August 7th

Week 7: (August 14-18) – Sleepover & Movie Theatre – $230

Week 8: (August 21-25) – Calaway Park

Week 9: (August 28-September 1) – Shakers Family Fun Centre

Specialty Camps

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Week 1: Art Extravaganza (July 3-7) – Ages 5-12

Week 1: Multi-Sport Madness (July 3-7) – Ages 5-8

Week 2: Baton & Acro (July 10-14) – Ages 5-12

Week 2: Discover Camp (July 10-14) – Ages 5-12

Week 3: Bike Adventure (July 17-21) – Ages 8-12

Week 4: Summer Splash (July 24-28) – Ages 5-12

Week 5: Martial Arts (July 31-August 4) – Ages 5-12

Week 6: Beginners Basketball (August 8-11) – Ages 5-8

Week 6: Dance Camp (August 8-11) – Ages 5-12

Week 7: Drama Camp (August 14-18) – Ages 5-12

Week 8: Beginner’s Soccer (August 21-25) – Ages 5-8

Week 9: Photography Camp (August 28-September 1) – Ages 8-12

Week 9: Rockin’ Racquets (August 28-September 1) – Ages 5-12

Musical Theatre

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Week 3: Kidz Pop Hits (July 17-21) – Ages 5-8

Week 5: Pop Hits of the Decade (July 31-August 4) – Ages 8-12

Week 8: Disney’s Greatest Hits (August 21-25) – Ages 5-12


Sunsations camps are offered for children aged 5-12 years old. Each week, campers are divided by age into 4 different groups where they can interact and socialize with kids their own age. Monday to Wednesday, campers will spend time at Mid-Sun working on different activity kits such as cooking, science, art and more. Every group schedule is different each day of the week and below is a brief example of what a day at Mid-Sun will look like:

7:00am – 9:00am: campers are being dropped off at Mid-Sun during Pre-Care
9:00am – 9:30am: camp-wide game in gym with all Sunsations campers
9:30am – 10:15am: participating in one of our many activity kits
10:15am – 10:30am: snack
10:30am – 11:30am: group games
11:30am – 12:30pm: lunch at the park
12:30pm – 1:30pm: participating in one of our many activity kits
1:30pm – 2:30pm: group games
2:30pm – 3:30pm: participating in one of our many activity kits
3:30pm – 4:00pm: camp-wide game in gym with all Sunsations campers
4:00pm – 6:00pm: campers are being picked up from Mid-Sun during Post-Care
*Note, activity planning may change based on the Director’s discretion.

Every Wednesday the campers continue to spend the day at Mid-Sun but are also visited by one of our many presenters. These presenters come to entertain, and teach the campers new and unique skills. Every Thursday, we visit Midnapore Lake (weather dependent) and spend the day swimming (lifeguard present) and playing at the park. Campers will also have the chance to go somewhere new each week with a field trip every Friday.

Specialty Camps:

Specialty camps allow campers to focus on a specific activity for the week while being taught by leaders who have a background in the activity. Campers will primarily focus on the specialty, while also participating in the activity kits completed in Sunsations camps. On Thursdays, they will attend Lake Day along with Sunsations at Midnapore Lake (lifeguard present). Sign up for a specialty camp today and let your child focus on their interests or try something new!

Art Extravaganza (Week 1: July 3-7) – Ages 5-12

This week campers aged 5-12 will learn new skills and techniques to create their very own masterpieces. They will be given a variety of different art mediums to work with so they can best express their creativity. Through these art projects, campers will begin to learn the power of their imaginations and see how far it can take them!

Multi-Sport Madness (Week 1: July 3-7) – Ages 5-8

The perfect outlet for your camper to let out their inner athlete is Multi-Sport Madness! This camp is tailored to allow children to gain experience and the understanding of a different sport every day. Additionally, your camper will learn the importance of teamwork and leadership. Your camper will have a blast staying active and making strong friendships all week in Multi-Sport Madness!

Baton & Acro (Week 2: July 10-14) – Ages 5-12

Welcome to Baton and Acro! Campers aged 5-12 will be taught the basics of baton twirling and acrobatics by Alberta Provincial Twirling Competitors! Campers will be able to experience how fun and thrilling baton and acrobatics can be through basic twirls, dance warm ups and acrobatic exercises. Come join us at Mid Sun Summer Day Camps to learn a unique and different skill where all levels of experience are welcome!

Discover Camp (Week 2: July 10-14) – Ages 5-12

For the curious camper who enjoys hands-on learning, Discover Camp will help you learn more about the outdoors, science and engineering. On top of daily activities, campers will spend a day at Fish Creek park learning about nature. Do you have a curious mind? Come join us!

Bike Adventure (Week 3: July 17-21) – Ages 8-12

Do you like to explore? Bring your bike and helmet and come with us on a journey around Midnapore, Fish Creek, and Sundance. Learn bike signals, safety skills and how to care for your bike in this high activity camp. Bike and helmet must be provided and can be stored at our facility. Campers must be comfortable riding their bike without assistance.

Summer Splash (Week 4: July 24-28) – Ages 5-12

Are you the family fish? Spend the week outside in the sun at Midnapore Lake swimming and trying different water sports and activities. If you enjoy the water, this week is for you! A lifeguard will be present at all times.

Martial Arts (Week 5: July 31-August 4) – Ages 5-12

Welcome to Martial Arts Camp! Campers will learn the basics of Martial Arts! Learn to punch, kick and move, taught by an expert instructor. All levels of experience are encouraged to join us for this fun and exciting martial arts adventure!

Beginners Basketball (Week 6: August 8-11) – Ages 5-8

The perfect outlet for your camper to try out basketball for the week! This is a beginner’s camp, where children will learn basketball basics. Come join us in basketball camp where you will stay active and make new friends all week!

Dance Camp (Week 6: August 8-11) – Ages 5-12

In Dance Camp, campers will have the chance to learn different styles of dance! Campers will get the chance to get moving by learning specific dance technique as well as a small routine in the styles of jazz, hip-hop and ballet, to name a few! Campers will be instructed by a pre-professional dancer. Come get your groove on in a relaxed setting and learn popular dances that will have you moving up a storm! No experience necessary.

Drama Camp (Week 7: August 14-18) – Ages 5-12

For both the experienced and inexperienced, our drama camp offers a comprehensive set of activities for those campers with previous drama experience or none at all! Drama camp will help your camper discover their passion for the arts. No singing or dancing required.

Beginner’s Soccer (Week 8: August 21-25) – Ages 5-8

Do you want to learn how to bend it like Beckham? In this introductory camp, children will learn the basics of soccer while playing in a non-competitive environment. By practicing the fundamental techniques, campers will come out of this week with an understanding of how to play the game and have fun while doing it!

Photography Camp (Week 9: August 28-September 1) – Ages 8-12

Do you want to learn the art of photography while practicing your snap-shot skills? In photography camp, campers will learn what makes a great photo and will have the chance to document their week at summer camp through a series of fun-filled snap shots! At the end of the week, photos will be developed and campers will work to complete an artistic scrapbook showcasing their best shots.

Rockin’ Racquets (Week 9: August 28-September 1) – Ages 5-12

A unique way for your camper to stay active and to try out a variety of racquet sports! All racquet sports from badminton to racquetball and everything in between will be taught to the campers during the week. Campers in Racquet Camp will also be going to Fish Creek Sports Club, where they will learn how to play squash and racquetball.

Musical Theatre:

Welcome to Musical Theatre! Campers will work hard all week learning 4 songs relating to the theme of the week, along with a dance choreographed to each song. The camp is planned by a member of the Young Canadians.  At the end of each week, campers will perform their choreographed routines for parents and fellow campers to enjoy. No experience necessary!

Kidz Pop Hits (Week 3: July 17-21) – Ages 5-8

Ready to bop to the top? Get ready for a week filled with top pop hits from your favourite singers!

Pop Hits of the Decade (Week 5: July 31-August 4) – Ages 8-12

Everyone has their favourite songs from the past ten years, and this is your chance to dance and sing along to some of your favourites!

Disney’s Greatest Hits (Week 8: August 21-25) – Ages 5-12

Everyone has their favourite Disney songs, this is the week to enjoy yours and learn others that will make you a Disney expert!

Hours of Operation:

Pre-Care: 7AM – 9AM       

Camp: 9AM – 4PM    

Post-Care:  4PM – 6PM

Please note:  Because the campers go on off-site trips to the lake, field trips, or even just for nature walks, it is imperative that the camper arrive by 9AM.  If your camper will be late, or will be picked up ahead of the 4PM pick-up time, please notify the Daycamp Director at your earliest convenience. This way we can see that arrangements can be made to accommodate the scheduling.  With 120 children a day, the office staff will not know where your child is, without a heads up.

Late Pick-up Policy

Parents have until 6PM to pick up their campers. Any parent who arrives at Mid-Sun later than 6PM to pick up their child will be charged the rate of $1.00 per minute. This is due to staff having to unexpectedly stay later than originally scheduled. Only cash payments are accepted and can be made directly to the staff member forced to stay late, or to the Day Camp Director the next morning. Failure to comply with this policy may result in removal from current or succeeding camps.

Refund Policy

From March 1 – May 14 a full refund will be granted, minus a $25 admin fee per camp, to a maximum of $100. From May 15 – June 25, a 50% refund will be offered only if the camper’s spot can be filled. After June 26, no refund will be offered unless a doctor’s note is provided, or if the camper’s spot can be filled; if either of these requirements is met then a 50% refund will be granted. Transfers between weeks are at the Day Camp Director’s Discretion.

Please note: when registering your camper in a summer camp with the Mid-Sun Summer Day Camps you are acknowledging that you have read and understood all day camp policies.